Behind the lens...

My name is Carrie Roseman. I am a portrait photographer.

Connection is why I photograph people … hearing your stories, learning about your family/career/goals, laughing with you, putting your insecurities to rest, letting your inner light shine, and showing you that you are enough. Having the skill to put people at ease in front of my camera, I create a safe and comfortable space that allows for your beauty as a person to shine through. You will be placed in the most flattering light and at the best angles to yield the most incredible images that you have ever seen of yourself. And that right there makes for some incredible positive changes in self-perception.

I see you. You are important. You are worthy. You are valued. Let me show you.

Our interaction is not just about taking a few photos; it is about giving you an inspiring and transformative portrait photography experience. Through styled, posed and directed portraits, your inner and outer beauty will be captured. And you are the reason for this success; YOU have facilitated the creation of this very special moment. Let me show you the power and the beauty that exists inside you. The proof is in the pictures.