If you've ever had a doubt about being photographed, I have a challenge for you.

I would like to transform the way you view yourself -

by asking you to be brave enough to stand in front of my lens,

and allowing me to create the most beautiful photographs that you have ever seen of yourself.

If you don't see yourself posing for a photographer in a professional studio like a model,
then you are exactly the woman I am looking for!

21 ordinary women - moms, wives, sisters, friends, managers, artists, executives, professionals, of all shapes and ages...
Taking part of a unique photo-challenge!
I want to show 21 women just like you and I; all shapes and sizes, at all ages and stages.
 I am looking for 21 amazing women to take part in this unique project.
And if you hurry, you might be one of them!


As many of you know, I'm very passionate about showing women and teen girls that they are beautiful and good enough just the way they are, right now. I wish every woman could see what I see when I look through the lens of my camera. It would change the way you see yourself.  That's why I'm starting the Project 21 Days of Real Women.

I will be showcasing 21 real women just like you and me: Moms, wives, sisters, friends... managers, artists, executives, professionals... Of all shapes and ages...If you don't like what you see when you look in the mirror, then you're the woman I'm looking for!

I want to show you the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself. Each woman will receive a consultation as well as a fully guided and directed “model for a day experience” photo shoot with me in my studio. 

You will each be pampered getting your hair and makeup done by my professional makeup artist and you will be able to use my studio wardrobe. All I ask is that you pay $200 for the makeup artist fee and as a thank you for participating in the 21 Days of Real Women you will each receive a beautiful 7x10 retouched and matted print as a reward for trusting me to show you how beautiful you really are.

If you would like to apply, please complete the form below. If you know someone else who you think needs reminding of how beautiful she really is, please let her know (or nominate her yourself!). It will change the way you see yourselves. I look forward to reading your stories and starting this 21 Real Women Challenge!

Warm Regards, Carrie Roseman

Do you want to be one of the featured women?


1. Please read all the details about the project.
2. Complete the form below with your nomination.
3. If selected you will get a phone call from Carrie to set a date!


                                             The “model-for-a-day” experience = $350                                                       

An extra image of your choice on top of any collection chosen - my gift to you = $275

Total value = $625

Out of which participants will pay only the minimum make-up fee = $200
The woman`s self-confidence = Priceless


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